Wishing Well: Water for the World empowers communities to transform their world by bringing clean water to those in need.

According to the World Health Organization there are still 884 million people who lack access to clean water. Unclean water is responsible for 80% of all disease and over 3 million deaths every year.

One dollar can give someone in a developing country clean water for year.

We see the water crisis as our chance to rally together as a community to do something truly incredible. We believe that the world's greatest challenge can be overcome by uniting a generation to act as one. What we've discovered is that by loving our neighbors around the world we learn to love our own communities. We call this truly holistic development.

You can be an instrument of change. You can be a healer. You can be an advocate and together we can change the world.

Ryan Groves is the co-founder/president of Wishing Well: Water for the World and a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University. Five years ago, Ryan and his brother Brendan began Wishing Well as a small student organization focused on using the power of creativity and community to combat the water crisis. Ryan's heart is that Wishing Well would be about more than clean water. Since the start of Wishing Well, Ryan has aimed to inspire others and unlock their creative potential to change the world. Now, as president, his plans are to pursue opportunities that allow Wishing Well to explore the power of humanities only limitless resource, the power of our ideas.